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Benefits of Professional Real

Estate Photography





Sell More 



Command Higher



Impress Current



Attract New


  • Online listings with professional photography generate an average of 61% more page views than their point-and-click counterparts.

  • Homes priced above $200,000 are more likely to sell when their listings feature professional photography.

  • Your clients want to know their listing is in good hands. High quality photography shows them you’re committed to the exceptional presentation of their property.

  • In 2010, a brokerage called Redfin surveyed MLS systems around the U.S. and discovered that listings with professional photography sold for higher prices than their counterparts. On the low end ($200k to $300k asking price) these listings sold for an average of $935 more. On the high end ($1m and above) the average increase was $116,076. Listings in-between these extremes typically saw an increase of $5000-$20,000. Even on listings with lower asking prices the financial benefit outweighs the cost of hiring a professional photographer!

  • Beautiful photography is an excellent way for an agent to showcase their professionalism and marketing savvy, and it gives them an impressive portfolio with which to attract potential clients.


  • Professional photography is a crucial component of an effective online marketing strategy. At Viz3DSpace we offer this service at a competitive price, and in most circumstances we provide a 24-48 hour turnaround so that your listings get online as fast as possible. We’re here to help you sell your properties more effectively than ever before!

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