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Community Planning & Design 

Viz3DSpace offers completely modern and interactive marketing material for any design project, including Custom Community Planning and Design. We can fully replicate any community vision into photo realistic 3D models, virtual tours, and interactive walk-throughs. Interactive walk-throughs take the user into an exciting, dynamic virtual world. We can help market an entirely custom designed community all with the click of a button. A design so real, it's like being there.

Here is what we can do 

1. Site Video

Let potential buyers see your vision. We can design an entire community from trees and landscaping to perfectly designed homes (interior and exterior) as well as property features and roads/driveways. The site video we provide is a great tool for buyers to see your vision instantly as well as seeing the flow of the neighborhood, surrounding features, and gives them a sense of community.

2. Photo Realistic Photography

When it comes to selling any home or property, professional photography is the route to go. Why should it be any different when it comes to marketing communities and homes for pre-sale? We can create completely 3D photo realistic images that showcases the home before it is ever built.

3. Virtual Walk-throughs

Apart from videos and photography, we also provide a completely interactive way of touring a community before it is ever built. We use software that allows us to stitch together 3D renderings and photography to create a virtual map of any property. Tour the Luxury Community below for a great example of what we can provide.

4. Plat Map Renderings

We can take existing Plat Maps created for any community and replicate the landscape and surrounding features to include your homes and other structures such as boat docks, community gathering spots, and walking trails. Our photo realistic renderings allow you, as well as your buyer, to visualize the community before it is ever built. This is a great way to pre-sale your lots/house designs.

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Plat Map

Site Rendering

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